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Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Kayak Camping

Kayak Camping – Myall Lakes National Park, NSW

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a worldwide self-development program for young people aged 14-25 years. Through a series of personal challenges, participants will gain valuable life skills.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award consists of three levels, bronze, silver and gold. Each of these levels has four sections, physical recreation, skill, service and adventurous journey.

The School of Yak can provide you with everything you need to complete your Adventurous Journey at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Our staff are all Working with Children accredited and our Instructor is Australian Canoeing qualified and is a current Leader in Scouting. We are happy to accommodate small groups


Kayaking - Duke of Edinburgh Award

Outdoor Education in the Myall Lakes National Park

Kayak Expeditions: Our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions are developed with your group to ensure the desired outcomes for all participants. We provide youth doing the Duke of Edinburgh award with the opportunity to learn new skills and to grow as individuals in a safe and fun learning environment.

Through our Duke of Edinburgh program you can complete every part of the Adventurous Journey requirements;

  • training
  • practice journey
  • qualifying journey

Training – Practise Journey

Award participants are required to undertake training, where they will learn to plan and complete an entire journey on their own. These training sessions can be held on Lake Macquarie, Newcastle Harbour or the Myall Lakes as part of your practice journey or at another suitable location on request.

The training session and practice journey can be conducted overnight or as separate programs;

One Day Training Program covers;

  • Fundamental Kayak skills
  • Planning & preparation for a kayak expedition
  • Planning a menu
  • Equipment
  • First Aid
  • Safety and safe practice on the water

Overnight Practice Journey Covers;

  • Kayak Capsize and Rescue Skills
  • Campcraft & accommodation
  • Environmental care
  • Team building & leadership
  • Route planning & navigation
  • Preparing for the qualifying Journey

Qualifying Journey;

School of Yak can provide you with everything you need to complete your qualifying journey in kayaks. We are happy to take small groups on qualifying expeditions and will provide our instructor as your journey supervisor.