Glenn’s Story

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Your School of Yak instructor Glenn MacFadyen is not just a pretty face – below are links to recent interviews he has done for radio.

ABC National – Conversations with Richard Fidler

BBC World Service – Outlook Program

  • Click here to listen to Glenns interview with Jo Figden from the BBC World Service in London

Misadventures on the High Seas


Exert from ABC Radio Richard Fidler: Wednesday 14 May 2014

Some years after migrating to Newcastle, New South Wales, Glenn’s British parents became homesick.

Without any prior knowledge of sailing, they decided to build a huge boat and sail to England.

The family sailed up Australia’s east coast, across the Indian Ocean and into the Red Sea.

They were shipwrecked twice. They were stranded in a medieval port city in Africa, then arrested and imprisoned.

Several years after setting out, Glenn and his family arrived in England possessed of only the rags they were wearing, and utterly changed.

Glenn eventually returned to Newcastle, where he is now kayaking instructor.