Duke of Edinburgh Award – Adventurous Journey

Complete your Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey with The School of Yak

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a self-development program for young people aged 14-25 years. Through a series of personal challenges, participants will gain valuable life skills.
The award consists of three levels, bronze, silver and gold. Each of these levels has four sections, physical recreation, skill, service and adventurous journey. The School of Yak can provide you with everything you need to complete your qualifying journey at either Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

Sea Kayak Expeditions: Our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions are developed with your group to ensure the desired outcomes for all participants. We provide youth participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their leadership potential in a safe, fun learning environment. At The School of Yak our highly experienced instructors will give you the support you need and care about your success.

The Qualifying Journey:
We are ideally situated to take advantage of one of Australia's premier kayaking locations in the Myall Lakes National Park. No matter if you're looking for remote wilderness style campsites with kayak only access or perhaps something more refined, Myall Lakes National Park offers so much. With its vast open lakes or little hidden estuaries you can always find just the right amount of challenge and excitement for sea kayaking within the Myall Lakes.

Your qualifying journey with The School of Yak will be the culmination of the things you learned during the training and practice aspect of your award program. With our support your leadership skills and confidence will grow as you rise to the challenge of undertaking your own expedition. We are always happy to take small groups on qualifying expeditions and will provide our instructor as your journey supervisor and assessor without ever losing sight of it being your adventure.

We provide the kayaks, paddles, radios and safety gear as part of the overall experience as well as the documentation your school or award unit will need. The School of Yak kayaking instructor will shadow your entire qualifying journey, tracking and recording your times and distances for you as you progress.