Kayak Smiths Island

Explore Smith's Island

Kayak Eco-Tour, Newcastle


 Adult $120.00

Child  $90.00  (Under 14yrs)



Nat. Park Fee $4.53

Nat. Park Fee (concess.) $2.27

Kayak Smith's Island - Day Tour

Easily our most popular tour, you will spend a wonderful day with our guide exploring the beautiful Hunter River Wetlands and celebrating the magnificent white bellied sea eagles as well as the migratory birds of the Hunter Wetlands National Park. After a short introductory lesson in kayaking 101 we hit the water and allow everyone time to practise their kayaking skills before heading off on our adventure.

Don't know your curlews from your avocets or the difference between an oyster catcher and a godwit? Don't worry, you'll soon become an expert on migratory birds with the help of your guide (or at least you'll be able to sound like you know what you're talking about). Observing local and migratory birds feeding on the mudflats is a great thing to do with a kayak, many of the birds have travelled all the way from Alaska at huge risk to their life.

Standing around 1 meter high and with a wingspan around 2 meters, the incredible white bellied sea eagle is very special. They are only found on the east coast of Australia and parts of New Guinea and Indonesia. With a breeding pair of sea eagles making their home in the national park, it's always a thrill for our guests to experience these fabulous birds at close range. In the right season it's sometimes even possible to see their offspring in the nest.

We will step ashore on one of the island beaches for a meal break and enjoy a selection of great food prepared by our guide while you relax with a cup of tea or coffee. Take a walk along the beach and view the old shipwreck or the military ruins found on the island.

There's always tales about the history of the Hunter and the river's role in the development of modern Australia. You can still see remains of the more recent history when this area was a major oyster growing site. Your guide actually paddled his first kayak in this area more than 40 years ago. A story teller by nature, Glenn always has plenty of great tales about his life spent sailing the oceans of the world. (we don't call him "avachat" for no reason)

Our journey will take us over to the western shoreline of the cove to "Smith's Island"  as you meander along don't forget to look out for artefacts and signs of lives long since past scattered along the shoreline. We will take a path around the end of Smiths Island to enter the magnificent "Smith's Creek" to circumnavigate the entire island.

As you paddle along exploring this  waterway it really is hard to imagine you are so close to a major city.