Awaba Bay – Lake Macquarie

Lake Explorer Tour


 Adult $75.00

Child  $65.00  (Under 16yrs)



Nat. Park Fee $4.44

Nat. Park Fee (conc.) $2.22

Lake Explorer - (2 hours on-water)

For those who are a bit short on time why not try one of our 2 hour get-away paddles?

  •  Two hours on water
  •  Free starter lesson (on land prior to tour commencment)

After the pre trip briefing and lesson we head of to paddle as far as time allows with a turnaround at about the one hour mark. Awaba Bay is simply a great place to just paddle along and forget the rush of life for a while. We will kayak through one of the less visited corners of the Lake Macquarie very few people explore, and just enjoy hanging out in the kayaks. Your guide Glenn, combines the stories of a lifetime spent on the ocean with historical explanations of the lake and the role it has played in the development of modern Australia and in his own life.


No matter where you decide to paddle with The School of Yak it's always a great adventure, call us anytime to discuss your options for the day.

(please note: preparation and lesson to go out on the water takes about 1 hour prior to the actual tour, you will need at least three hours of available time)