Sunrise Tour – Awaba Bay

Lake Explorer Tour


 Adult $95.00

Child  $85.00  (Under 16yrs)



Nat. Park Fee $4.44

Nat. Park Fee (conc.) $2.22

Lake Explorer - (3 hours approx.)

For the early starters among us, the Lake Macquarie sunrise tour is a lovely way to start the day

  •  Early start
  • Breakfast provided
  •  Free starter lesson (on land prior to tour commencment)

After a quick pre trip briefing and lesson, we head out to enjoy the sunrise over the water followed by breakfast at Awaba Bay nature reserve. Lake Mac is at its best early in the morning, usually displaying glassy, smooth water for kayakers to revel in. Awaba Bay is no exception to this experience and a great place to just paddle along and forget the rush of life for a while. When we're ready we will put ashore and enjoy breakfast prepared for you by our guide while you explore the Awaba Bay reserve or relax with your coffee and just absorb the day.


No matter where you decide to paddle with The School of Yak it's always a great adventure, call us anytime to discuss your options for the day.

(please note: preparation and lesson to go out on the water can take about 1 hour prior to the actual tour, you will need at least four hours of available time)