Learn to Kayak with The School of Yak – Basic Skills

 Basic Kayak Skills Introductory Program:

Course cost: $155.00 per person

Program includes: kayaks, paddles and PFD

The one day program includes some theoretical sessions but is primarily based around an on-water regime. Intended to develop a level of paddler skill to create a paddler who is confident to take their own kayak out for adventures with other paddlers. We can conduct the program to suit students time frames, either as a weekday or weekend event.
One Day Program Covers:
Kayaks and designs - which one is right for you?
Choosing the right Paddle and PFD.
Kayak Entry and Exit
Boat Setup
Paddle Strokes -  paddle strokes for kayak control and the mechanics of the forward stroke
Capsize and Rescue Skills - assisted deep water rescue scenario's
Loading and unloading your kayak onto a vehicle - racking systems
Seamanship skills - reading the water
Getting started with navigation markers
Safety equipment and Emergency Responses - Using a Float Plan
Introduction to using The Marine Rescue App

Both the Level One and Level Two Programs are run on demand; we need a minimum of three or four paddlers for the course to go ahead.