Learn to Kayak with The School of Yak – Advanced Skills Program

Advanced Kayak Skills Program:

Course Cost: $155.00 per person

Program Includes: Kayaks, Paddles, PDF and teaching aids relevant to the program.

This in-depth program, includes theoretical sessions plus an on-water regime. Intended to develop a high level of paddler skills for the serious kayaker in you! We can conduct the program to suit students time frames.  It is recommended you have attended the One Day Basic Skills Program first and have a level of paddling skills reflective of that program.

We Will Cover

Embarking and Disembarking from the kayak in differing conditions
Kayak control - revision of your paddle stroke techniques -  review the bio mechanics of the forward stroke , sweeps, bow draw, stern rudder etc.
Edging - Learning to Edge the kayak for better control
Coping with dynamic water conditions
Self Rescue Capsize and Recovery skills - practical skills session conducted on water for the paddler to develop the skills needed for self rescue.
Navigation components - Reading a Marine Chart-GPS Usage - Interpreting Navigation Markers
Weather and Seamanship - reading the conditions
Safety equipment and Emergency Responses - Using a Float Plan, VHF Radio and the EPIRB
Packing for your first Kayak Trip
Food and Nutrition for an extended Kayak Journey
Injury prevention - Being paddle fit and staying paddle fit during your Journey

The School of Yak - kayak skills level 2 program aims to give you as a paddler the confidence to take your kayak out on the water with the knowledge you need to safely undertake an independent kayak journey be it for an hour or a week. The course is conducted in active water conditions where ever possible to allow participants to experience an advanced level of kayaking interactions.

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Both the Level One and Level Two Programs are run on demand; we need a minimum of three or four paddlers for the course to go ahead.