Our Kayaks

 From the very begining at the School of Yak we have always been determined to offer our guests the opportunity to paddle “Real Sea Kayaks”

We want you to experience Sea Kayaking not just “flop about” in a boat for a while….

The School of Yak Kayaks: Our fleet of Winner Sea Kayaks can take you anywhere, they are  touring Sea Kayaks aimed specifically at novice and intermediate paddlers. We use three Winner models: The Otium, The Dreamer and the Hug. All our kayaks, paddles and associated equipment are subjected to a documented monthly maintenance regime. Our kayaks all comply to Australian standards for safe operation of a hire and drive fleet.

The Otium at 5.0m is our workhorse, capable of taking on anything the sea throws at it. You can be confident The Otium will always bring you home again no matter what you want to do with it. The Otium is well suited to an average or larger sized adult paddler.

The Dreamer is just 4.5m although smaller it can hold its own alongside the Otium on any journey. The Dreamer is an entry level Sea Kayak suited to a person with a smaller build, a youth or a complete beginner.

The Hug The 5.0m Hug is a double touring Sea Kayak designed to carry two adults safely on an extended journey with all their camping gear or take you just around the corner for quick summer afternoon paddle. Easily paddled by one adult the Hug is a great kayak for a parent and child combination. With plenty of stability and space in the front for wriggling around to see the bottom or just having a rest kids love coming out in the ” Big Double”