Pulbah Island – Wangi Wangi Nature Reserve

Short Day Tour

  • Single: $120.00 per person 
  • Group Rate (5 or more): $105.00 per person
  • Family Rate: $340.00
  • Cost includes Morning/Afternoon Tea

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Lake Macquarie Half Day Kayak Tour

Pulbah Island Nature Reserve – Lake Macquarie

There is no doubt time spent messing about in boats is time well spent and this part of Lake Macquarie is no exception. Launching from the eastern shoreline of Lake Macquarie we make the crossing to Wangi Wangi Nature Reserve. From Wangi we can do a coastal paddle for the less experienced paddlers or if the weather is right and everyone is confident then we continue across the lake to the western end of Pulbah Island. From here we make ur way across to point Wolstencroft to enjoy the legendary School of Yak afternoon/morning tea. Our journey is completed by passing the eastern end of Pulbah island.

Please note; as this tour involves open water crossings it is a condition of the RMS that all paddlers use a spraydeck on their kayak. If you have no experience of this our guide will give you instruction on the day. This tour is not always suitable for beginners.