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Williams River – Rowlands Falls

Full Day Tour

  • Single: $120.00 per person 
  • Group Rate (5 or more): $110.00 per person
  • Family Rate: $360.00
  • Cost includes Lunch

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Kayaking on the Beautiful Williams River - NSW

Kayaking on the Beautiful Williams River – NSW

Rating: Easy/Family Tour

Distance: 13 klms return

Ideal for families and friends The Williams River Kayak Tour is one of our most popular paddles. 

As we meander along at a relaxed pace for the whole day with no fixed schedule, this kayak journey is a gentle relaxing paddle that everyone will enjoy.

After launching the paddling route will travel upriver towards the Clarencetown bridge, officially known as the “Brig ‘O Johnson”. From the historic bridge our journey continues north along the Williams River to Rowlands Falls.

Along the way we will explore the rivers beautiful riparian zone which is enriched with birdlife as it passes through the farming areas found in the Williams Valley. While you cruise along our guide will give you an overview of the ecological importance of the wild life found along the rivers embankments, as well as some of the history of Clarencetown and the important role the river has played in the development of modern Australia. Commonly as we paddle under the trees lining the riverbank we see beautiful Azure Kingfishers going about their days activities.

Paddling at a leisurely pace we will make our way to Rowlands Falls located about 6 klms upriver. At the falls your guide will make the tea and prepare lunch while you sit under the canopy of the forest as it hangs over the river or you might like to go for a swim with the kids in rapids. There is always plenty of time for stopping along the way as well, either to swim in a waterhole or perhaps become a conquering hero in a kayak water fight.