Kayak Lessons

Learning to Sea Kayak is Fun

Learning to Sea Kayak is Fun

The School of Yak has several kayak development programs – conducted on Lake Macquarie, Newcastle Harbour and the Williams River

Private Lesson – Introduction to Kayaking

Paddling Skills Course – Kayak Skills Programs

About our Kayak Training Programs:

We conduct kayak training programs to improve kayak safety and awareness through the kayaking community.

As the principal instructor, Glenn Macfadyen brings with him more than 20 yrs experience as an adult trainer. As a kayaker he has observed many people becoming injured or disenchanted with the sport through a lack of basic skills and safety techniques often not taught at the entry level. The School of Yak hopes to change some of this disenchantment by development of structured training courses with measurable outcomes.

Glenn’s background of teaching both youth and adult motorcycle safety and licensing for the Northern Territory and NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, has given him the skills and knowledge to operate at a very high level of risk awareness. In the role of Senior Instructor he has been directly responsible for developing and supervising instructors, as well as writing, assessing and implementing training programs. Many of these foundation programs and teaching techniques are still used in the motorcycle training industry throughout NSW.

Glenn has been a Scout Leader for 12 yrs and has a strong interest in introducing youth into the sport of kayaking. We  offer school holiday programs and tours directly targeted to the youth market with the aim of creating a strong foundation that can stay with a young person long into their adult years.

If you are still wondering why would I need to undertake kayak training? Here is a quick quiz that might convince you to come and spend a day with us:

  1. If you capsized your kayak could you rescue yourself, your friend or your child?
  2. Do you know what a bow or stern draw stroke is?
  3. Do you know what correct body rotation does for your forward stroke?
  4. Can you perform a side draw stroke?
  5. What is a side skull?
  6. Do you know how to perform a sweep?
  7. Can you Edge your Kayak?
  8. Do you know the difference between a carved turn and a braced turn?
  9. What is a cardinal mark?
  10. How about the difference between a bow rudder and a stern rudder?